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Notes: Woods ~ A silky, woody balance of cedarwood, rounded with patchouli’s earthiness and smooth vetiver and just a hint of sweet geranium
Benefits: Cedarwood is known for its grounding properties, balancing and relieves tension
Imagine… a hike in earthy woodland and nature
Size of room: Suits an intimate to moderate sized room
Enjoy when… you feel the need to reconnect with the present moment

Burn time: 36 hours approx
Net weight: 220g approx | 30cl
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Your candles are infused with pure essential oils, giving you the welcome sense of wellbeing and will be a pleasure to use in your home.  Essentials oils produce a gentler scent than synthetic fragrances and so are perfect if you have a sensitive nose or prefer more subtle scents.

Our wax is made from pure coconut and rapeseed and is a completely natural plant wax. Once lit, this natural wax will pucker and have an uneven surface, this does not detract from your candles performance and is a natural feature of plant wax.

Our fine bone china vessels would love to stay with you! It would mean so much to us if you would find them a home… for some great ideas on how you can reuse your vessel please see our ideas for upcycling on 'Our Formula’ page.

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Burn Time

36 hrs approx

Net Weight

220g Approx

Safety Data Sheet