Free delivery on orders over £50

Free delivery on orders over £50


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Lulbury Origins

Lulbury was born from a long-held passion to design and create beautiful candles and wax melts using only natural ingredients and with a real focus on high quality and first-class customer service.

This passion has been met by creating a unique candle company whose purpose is not only to produce beautiful candles, but to also to share with you, our customers, the knowledge of what makes a quality candle, the ingredients, and materials we choose, and how to get the best from the burning experience.

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What makes Lulbury candles different?

If like us, you’ve been disappointed in the past with candles that don’t produce any scent or that ‘tunnel’ a hole down the middle, leaving chunks of unused and unsightly wax clinging to the sides of the vessel, you may be wondering if a ‘good’ candle actually exists! Or maybe you’ve been concerned with candles that have created unsightly black soot around the vessel caused by smoke after you’ve extinguished the candle. 

At Lulbury, we test every formula, a process that has taken over a year to date, but we do it to ensure that you are delighted with your candle experience. Our candles give a natural scent, burn evenly and cleanly and will look beautiful and stylish in your home.

All of our products are infused only with pure essential oils. Renowned for promoting a sense of wellbeing, essential oils are loved for their purity and natural origins and are used now more than ever to help provide calm and relaxation, to pause our hectic and stressful lifestyles.

Our natural wax is a blend of coconut and rapeseed and is 100% plant based. It is completely free from paraffin, soy, palm, beeswax, and synthetic additives.

Our fine bone china candle vessels are proudly made in England. This has a beautiful, translucent appearance which reveals the glow of the flame.

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Your Lulbury Experience

We realise that Lulbury only exists because of you, our customer. Therefore, we want every step of the Lulbury journey to be a great experience for you. This journey begins from the very moment you discover our website, right through to receiving and unboxing your beautifully packaged Lulbury parcel. The journey culminates in your satisfaction with the decision you made to invest in a Lulbury candle or wax melt.

Meet Lisa (one half of Lulbury)

My professional work as a Trichologist (a hair and scalp specialist) and a TV presenter makes for a pretty varied life! My career has taken me all over the world, something which I’m hugely grateful for.

Recently, life has felt a little more balanced – it’s the simple things which bring me the most joy, an aromatic coffee, warm sunshine, a good laugh, my morning ritual of journaling & meditation with our Lemongrove candle lit (of course!) I adore burning candles, it gives me a sense of wellbeing, that’s why I never save them for ‘best’ – every day is a special occasion!

I love and use essential oils for so many things and decided to gain a deeper understanding about their therapeutic effects before I embarked on creating the Lulbury range. I completed courses and gained certificates in Clinical Aromatherapy & Essential Oils for Health and Wellness.

Lulbury Lisa
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Graham Lulbury

Meet Graham (one half of Lulbury)

I have spent the last 25 years as a leadership consultant and executive coach working with large multi-national corporations across Europe, the USA and Asia. I consider myself to be extremely fortunate in having spent so many years travelling the world, doing the work that I love and meeting some truly remarkable people. Although I will continue this work, I also have a great passion for creating something new, something that will bring pleasure to the lives of people. I believe that Lulbury products will do just that.

Alongside my professional life, I love to take long walks through the countryside, a place where time stands still and free from the hustle and bustle of modern life. I enjoy taking photographs, in fact, some of the shots on this website were taken by me. I love fine wines. I tend to favour red in the winter and white in the summer, whichever time, a pleasant way to relax after the days work is done. Last, but not least, I practice daily meditation and have felt great  benefits from this practice over the years. There is something ‘other-worldly’ about meditating in a warm, peaceful space, with a calming candle as company.