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Free delivery on orders over £50

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Lisa Lulbury

Lulbury ingredients & materials

WAX – Our natural wax is a blend of rapeseed and coconut and is relatively modern in the world of candle making. 100% plant based, it is completely free from paraffin, soy, palm, beeswax, and synthetic additives.

One of the most serious negative impacts of plant waxes is the destruction of rainforests, our plant wax is sourced responsibly to avoid deforestation. The rapeseed is produced in the EU & coconut is sourced from smallholders in the Philippines.

Due to its natural origins, this blend of wax is likely to produce an uneven surface once burned but is in no way detrimental to its performance – it just adds to its natural beauty and uniqueness.

ESSENTIAL OILS – Our sustainably sourced, vegan friendly and cruelty free essential oils are derived from plants, trees, flowers, and fruits by steam distillation. (See ‘essential oils’ section below for more details.)

WICKS – Our wicks are made from unbleached natural cotton and linen.

CANDLE VESSELS – Our fine bone china candle vessels are proudly made in England. The grade and quality of our china is ‘fine’ meaning it has a beautiful, translucent appearance which reveals the glow of the flame.
We’d love you to keep your beautiful china and find it a new home once your candle comes to an end!
Some ideas for upcycling – Store your cotton buds or make up pads, keep it as toothbrush holder, keep in pens and pencils, pop in a tea light, save spare change in it, plant little herbs or seeds, keep your hair bands or clips in one place, organise scissors & tweezers – the possibilities are endless!

WAX MELT BAGS – Our 100% cotton bags are durable, recyclable and are made close to nature. The cotton is fully certified EU fabric and is sourced from our trusted supplier.

TISSUE PAPER – Our greaseproof tissue paper is made from renewable plant-based materials which are biodegradable, recyclable, and environmentally friendly. The inks used are made from soya-based vegetable oils in a carbon neutral factory.

Lisa Lulbury

Essential Oils – What are they?

Essential oils are natures immune system – these essences produced by plants has helped them to evolve over time, to survive in harsh climates & protect themselves against disease & pests.

Essential oils are derived by steam distillation from the petals, bark, stems, leaves, roots and peel of flowers, plants, trees & fruit, which contain the essence of the plant. Full of powerful properties, essential oils have been used for millennia and are known for their therapeutic effect on the mind & body, making a positive impact on our health and well-being. Some oils are used in aromatherapy rituals for their relaxing properties, some for promoting good sleep, others to boost our mood.

Why use essential oils in home fragrance products?

The choice of fragrance origin comes down to either synthetic or essential oils. Essential oils do produce a gentler scent than synthetic ones, but many people prefer essential oils for their purity & natural origins along with the sense of therapeutic wellness.
As essential oils are made in nature, there are naturally some variations in their aroma – no two plants produce exactly same formula which is part of their beauty!

Essential oil caution ~ humans & pets

Pregnant women are advised to use products containing essential oil with care. Pets can also be sensitive and have allergies to all types of fragrances including natural essential oils. When using our products, please keep them out of reach of your pets and ensure your pet has areas where they are free to roam away from fragranced products.