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Free delivery on orders over £50

Lull Diffuser


Notes: Lull ~ a calming infusion of aromatic lavender with a touch of clary sage and herby chamomile flower

benefits: lavender is used to promote relaxation & relieve stress and anxiety
Imagine… fields upon fields of the delicate fragrance and dusky purple hue of lavender
Enjoy when… you’re ready to unwind into a peaceful slumber

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Lulbury's reed diffuser range has been specially formulated using only natural essential oils which smell beautiful and can also have a positive effect on the mind and body. All our fragrances have been lovingly made to bring joy and to fragrance your home naturally.

Your reed diffuser is housed in a fine bone china jar with collar. Simply pour your pure essential oil blend from the apothecary bottle into your fine bone china jar, place on the collar and insert the fibre reeds.

Refills are available.


Unscrew the cap from the glass amber bottle and pour the contents into the china jar. Place the china collar on top of the jar and insert the reeds. It will take a few days for the reeds to absorb the oil to then carry the scent into the air. To intensify the fragrance and for best results, we recommend flipping the reeds daily.

Ingredients: Vegan and cruelty free base oil infused with pure essential oils and fibre reeds.

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up to 8 weeks

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