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Free delivery on orders over £50

Lull Candle


Notes: Lull ~ a calming infusion of aromatic lavender with a touch of clary sage and herby chamomile flower

Benefits: Lavender is used to promote relaxation & relieve stress and anxiety
Imagine… fields upon fields of the delicate fragrance and dusky purple hue of lavender
Enjoy when… you’re ready to unwind into a peaceful slumber

Burn time: 36 hours approx
Net weight: 220g approx | 30cl
Please read important safety information here.


Our wax is made from pure coconut and rapeseed and is a completely natural plant wax. Once lit, this natural wax will pucker and have an uneven surface, this does not detract from your candles performance and is a natural feature of plant wax.

Our fine bone china vessels would love to stay with you! It would mean so much to us if you would find them a home… for some great ideas on how you can reuse your vessel please see our ideas for upcycling on 'Our Formula’ page.

Additional information

Weight 0.22 kg


Burn Time

36 hrs approx

Net weight

220g approx

Safety Data Sheet