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Free delivery on orders over £50

Woods Wax Melt


Notes: Woods ~ A silky, woody balance of cedarwood, rounded with patchouli’s earthiness and smooth vetiver and just a hint of sweet geranium
Benefits: Cedarwood is known for its grounding properties, balancing and relieves tension
Imagine… a hike in earthy woodland and nature
Size of room: Suits an intimate to moderate sized room
Enjoy when… you feel the need to reconnect with the present moment

Net weight: 125g approx
Diffusion time: 8-12 hours approximately per melt
Please read important safety information here.


Your wax melts are infused with pure essential oils, giving you the welcome sense of wellbeing and will be a pleasure to use in your home. Essentials oils produce a gentler scent than synthetic fragrances and so are perfect if you have a sensitive nose or prefer more subtle scents.

Our wax is made from pure coconut and rapeseed and is a completely natural plant wax.

Your pouch contains 6 individual oval shapes. Each is approximately 22g and so larger than most wax melts. If they seem a little too big for your wax warmer, just cut them in half rather than overload it.
Our special greaseproof paper ensures the essential oils are retained and don’t seep out and our pure cotton pouches are beautiful for keeping your bits and bobs organised!

Additional information

Diffusion Time

8-12 hours approximately per melt

Net Weight

125g approx

Safety Data Sheet