Free delivery on orders over £50

Free delivery on orders over £50

Diane Roberts

A beautifully fragranced candle that burned evenly and smelt lovely for many hours. I was also able to re-use the fine bone china vessel afterwards which was a bonus.

Lauren Stansfield

I purchased a Lulbury candle and was not disappointed! I have often bought candles in the past that have smelled too strong or sickly. The candle I purchased had a scent that gave the perfect strength and burned evenly without leaving any wax residue on the sides of...

Jayne Leat

I’ve had candles in the past and have never been able to re-use the jars, in fact it’s something that always spoils the experience, being left with a blackened, tatty looking jar. I was extremely impressed with the performance of my Lulbury candle, which burnt...

Sandra Mcardle

The scent was delicate and fresh with the enough strength to give fragrance to an open plan living area, whilst not being overpowering. I am pleased to say that it was appreciated by everyone in the home and visitors alike.